About Me

I am a Georgia native whose passion and curiosity for creating has taken me from Georgia to Carolina to New York City, New Jersey and London. As an actor, director, and sometimes playwright, I strive to work towards a new generation storytellers who share my passion for meaningful artistic experiences, specifically site specific and immersive work. I recently graduated with my MFA from Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts and joined the Actors Equity Association. In addition to my artistic endeavors, I enjoy cooking, hiking, running, reading, board games, and watching my Atlanta Braves play baseball!

Height: 5”7

Hair Color: Auburn

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: New York City, local hire for Atlanta and Savannah, GA


Henry IV | Rutgers Theatre Company | Dir. Michael Sexton

Lady Percy

Vinegar Tom | Rutgers Theatre Company | Dir. Carlos Armesto 

Lead Vocals

Richard II | Shakespeare's Globe | Director Bill Buckhurst


My Town | Rutgers Theatre Company | Dir. Knud Adams

The Lost Colony |The Lost Colony | Director Robert Richmond

Mrs. Williams

Special Skills

Rhotic and non-rhotic Southern Dialects, RP British Dialect, Intermediate Spanish (non-native speaker), Licensed Driver, Basic Puppetry, Singing

Eleanor Dare

Good | Burning Coal Theatre | Director Ian Finley


Romeo and Juliet | Town of Cary | Director Jerry Sipp​


Cyrano de Bergerac | University of S.C. | Dir. Robert Richmond


Emperor of the Moon |Rutgers Theatre Company|Dir. Christopher Cartmill


The Rocky Horror Picture Show | Trustus Theatre| Dir. Chad Henderson


Mother Courage | University of S.C. | Director Steve Pearson


John and Jen | Act 3 Productions | Director Johnna Barrett


Merchant of Venice | Classics on the Rocks | Dir. Victoria Gomez


Theatre Direction

The Wakehouse Experience* | First Person Productions


Lorca: Alone in a Dream* | Univ. of S.C. & Act 3 Productions


Steel Magnolias | Act 3 Productions


Balloonacy | The Lost Colony


Simon's Pirate's Adventure* | The Lost Colony


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Act 3 Productions


Training & Workshops

Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts | MFA Acting 

University of South Carolina Honors College| BA Theatre


Shakespeare's Globe| Workshop | Mark Rylance

Shakespeare's Globe | Acting| Federay Holmes 

Shakespeare's Globe| Text | Peter Hamilton Dyer


Rutgers University MGSA| Acting| Barbara Marchant

Rutgers University MGSA | Acting| Kevin Kittle

Rutgers University MGSA | Scene Study | Billy Carden

Rutgers University MGSA | Voice | Heather Rasche

Rutgers University MGSA| Movement | Danielle Liccardo

Rutgers University MGSA|Speech| Julie Foh & Nathaniel Crocker

Rutgers University MGSA|Camera| Pat McCorkle & Billy Serow

Rutgers University MGSA|Voice Over| Billy Serow

University of South Carolina|Acting & Directing| Robert Richmond

University of South Carolina| Jazz| Cindy Flach

University of South Carolina | Movement| Robyn Hunt

Singing | Susan Eichhorn Young

Singing | Sherri Seiden

Puppetry Workshop| Basil Twist

Puppetry Workshop| Tom Lee

Audition Workshop | Deb Jackle 

Master Class| Everett Quinton

Master Class in Political Theatre| Thaddeus Phillips

Master Class| Pig Iron

Pirates! A Boy at Sea | The Lost Colony


*Site Specific/Immersive Production

Photograph by LandonJacobs Productions

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